Belete-Gera Regional Forest Priority Area, Ethiopia
52 Jimma Oromia ET

This study, which was conducted in Ethiopia, aimed to evaluate the impact of a shade coffee certification program on forest degradation. Additionally, to provide empirical evidence for the debate, it examines the spillover effects of certification to surrounding forest areas and uses remote sensing data of 2005 and 2010 to classify forest areas based on their density. Matching methods were applied, such as the propensity score matching with different algorithms, to compare forest coffee areas with and without the certification.

Lead organization:
Waseda University
Study sector:
Agriculture focus:
Rainforest Alliance
Study type:
Outcome or Impact Evaluation
Study design & methods:
Control group(s) / counterfactual, Remote sensing
Study scope:
Environmental issues
Published on:
December 28, 2016
Name of lead contact:
Ryo Takahashi