Minas Gerais, Brazil
Unnamed Road Minas Gerais NL

This study provides the first evaluation of UTZ certification from the point of view of the certified farmers and other stakeholders in Brazil. The UTZ certification programme was launched in 2002 in Brazil.

The research questions were based on the UTZ Theory of Change (ToC). The evaluation aimed at identifying the views of the farmers regarding certification and its impact, as well as identifying if UTZ certification had achieved its main objectives, which are:
1. The adoption of better farming methods;
2. To improve the farmers’ and workers’ income;
3. To have a better and more protected environment;
4. To ensure better living conditions for the farmers and workers.

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Agriculture focus:
Study type:
Outcome or Impact Evaluation
Study design & methods:
Quantitative collection and analysis methods, Qualitative collection and analysis methods
Study scope:
Social issues, Environmental issues, Economic issues
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BSD Consulting
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Full report (English and Portuguese), UTZ response and fact sheet are published on UTZ website.

Name of lead contact:
Henk Gilhuis