Managua, Managua Department, Nicaragua
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Guatemala city
NN-293 Managua Departamento de Managua NI

The purpose (intended use) of this evaluation is to inform UTZ and stakeholders about the main outcomes of the UTZ coffee program in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua and to draw lessons and recommendations for UTZ and stakeholders. The findings will be used by UTZ to:

  1. test, fine-tune and possibly revise the theory of change,
  2. improve the design and content of the code of conduct and implementing tools, such as guidance documents and training modules;
  3. enhance the UTZ strategies aiming at sector wide partnerships and changes in Central America

The goal (questions) of the evaluation is to identify, describe and evaluate the most significant contributions of the UTZ program to social, economic and environmental sustainability outcomes in Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The main stakeholders / supply chain actors whose views need to be included are:

  1. producers/farmers and their workers
  2. producer organizations
  3. traders/exporters
  4. end-buyers (roasters and brands)  who source UTZ certified coffee
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Outcome or Impact Evaluation
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Quantitative collection and analysis methods, Qualitative collection and analysis methods
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Social issues, Environmental issues, Economic issues
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deadline december, 4 2016

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