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The evaluation questions considered in this report examine whether GoodWeave’s program strategies are contributing to the intended change described in the results framework. The scope of this evaluation includes four primary objectives and their related intermediate objectives (also sometimes referred to as short-term and medium-term outcomes) described in GoodWeave’s M&E System Report.
Objective 1: Grow Market Preference for Certified Child Labor-Free Carpets
Is market share increasing?
Is industry engagement increasing?
Is consumer awareness increasing?
Objective 2: Develop More Child-Labor-Free Supply Chains
Is the number of child-labor-free supplychains increasing?
Is the system of inspection, monitoring and certification effective?
Areadult workers aware of their rights? Are working conditions improved?
Are producers making improvements to comply with the expanded standard?
Objective 3: Provide Alternative Opportunities for Children in Weaving Communities
Are more children accessing education opportunities?
Are rescued child laborers receiving necessary services?
Are the educational opportunities in weaving communities increasing?
Are awareness and change in attitudes towards prioritizing education over childlabor increasing?
Objective 4: Promote Replication of the GoodWeave Model in New Industries
Have additional sectors for replication been identified, evaluated and piloted?
Is the brick pilot program in Nepal on track?
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Performance Monitoring
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Quantitative collection and analysis methods, Qualitative collection and analysis methods
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Social issues, Environmental issues
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Biko Nagara