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This report provides a baseline of farm-level situation as of mid-2013, which can be used to measure changes in indicators in future impact assessments. It also provides an initial assessment of impacts by comparing different groups of cocoa farmers. It provides information about the inclusiveness of the UTZ Certified cocoa programme in Ivory Coast. It evaluates how certification and related activities have affected farmers’ knowledge and implementation of good agricultural practices, social and environmental issues in line with the UTZ Certified Code of Conduct and assesses the added value of certification. Lessons learned are drawn from the results, feeding recommendations to improve the quality and effectiveness of the programme.

Lead organization:
LEI Wageningen UR
Study sector:
Agriculture focus:
Study type:
Outcome or Impact Evaluation, Context or baseline assessment
Study design & methods:
Control group(s) / counterfactual, Before and after comparison, Quantitative collection and analysis methods, Qualitative collection and analysis methods
Study scope:
Social issues, Environmental issues, Economic issues
Primary Research Funders:
Research Partner(s):
IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative
Other Partners:
Solidaridad, Cargill
Additional info:

The full report, the UTZ response and a fact sheet are available online.

Name of lead contact:
Henk Gilhuis