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The review assesses case studies in the peer-review literature and summarizes existing results on the impacts of certification at the household (farm) level for smallholder producers who participate in certification programs. It follows the procedures of Cochrane Reviews using statistically rigorous analysis to address the question: are the impacts of certified production on economically, socially and environmentally sustainable production significantly different than non-certified production and, if so, what are the impacts?

Lead organization:
IOP Science
Study sector:
Agriculture focus:
Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Palm oil
Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, RSPO, UTZ
Study type:
Outcome or Impact Evaluation
Study design & methods:
Qualitative collection and analysis methods
Study scope:
Social issues, Environmental issues, Economic issues
Published on:
March 14, 2017
Name of lead contact:
Ruth DeFries