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BCI has established a large database for monitoring and evaluation purposes, which contains information on Better Cotton project farmers and control farmers in all countries in which Better Cotton is produced. A subset of this database contains information on BCFTP participants in India, Mali and Pakistan, with around 26,500,
12,500 and 5,500 farmers of whom data is recorded in the datasets for the respective countries. To assess whether the BCI database can be used for measuring the impact of the BCFTP, IDH has asked LEI Wageningen UR to answer two research questions:
1. What is the feasibility of establishing the baseline situation of the Better Cotton Fast Track Program participants in India, Mali and Pakistan, using the BCI database?
2. What is the agronomic baseline situation of Better Cotton Fast Track Program participants in India, Mali and Pakistan for the cotton season 2011-2012?
Lead organization:
LEI Wageningen UR
Study sector:
Agriculture focus:
Study type:
Context or baseline assessment
Study design & methods:
Quantitative collection and analysis methods
Study scope:
Environmental issues
Primary Research Funders:
IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative
Name of lead contact:
LEI Wageningen