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This study surveys consumers in Singapore to answer the following questions:
(1) Are consumers cognizant that certain products may contain palm oil? (2) Is there a consumer bias against products that contain palm oil? (3) Are consumers less likely to purchase these products if they cause deforestation? (4) Are consumers willing to pay more for common palm oil-containing products that are produced without
deforestation? (5) What are the demographic correlates of consumers’ knowledge of palm oil in products and do demographic characteristics and the environmental worldview of consumers drive their willingness to pay for products containing sustainable palm oil?

Lead organization:
National University of Singapore
Study sector:
Agriculture, Forestry
Agriculture focus:
Palm oil
Forestry focus:
Study type:
Study design & methods:
Study scope:
Social issues, Environmental issues, Economic issues
Primary Research Funders:
National University of Singapore
Name of lead contact:
Xingli Giam