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This report describes how some of the requirements in FSC’s forestry standard provide value for biodiversity exceeding what is stated in the Swedish Forestry Act.
Five environmental aspects have been identified where scientific research shows a value for biodiversity, where the value is quantifiable and where the FSC standard provides greater value for biodiversity than the Swedish Forestry Act:
1. Retention trees, 2. Dead wood, 3. Conservation areas and woodland key habitats, 4. Deciduous forests and 5. Forest fires.
Additional environmental aspects (red-listed species, buffer zones, landscape planning, forest roads, damage to soils and water) are discussed briefly at the end of the report.

Lead organization:
Enetjärn Natur
Study sector:
Forestry focus:
Natural forest management
Study design & methods:
Qualitative collection and analysis methods
Study scope:
Environmental issues
Name of lead contact:
Martin Lagerqvist