Unnamed Road Brong Ahafo GH

This research report outlines the journey of the cocoa bean on its way to becoming chocolate, showing how sustainability requires the greening of the whole supply chain –from farmer to consumer. Insights from cocoa production in Ghana, where cocoa farming is one of the dominant land use activities, with smallholder farmers spread over vast regions, and Brazil, the largest producer of cocoa in the Americas, illustrate some of the challenges – as well as the opportunities – of sustainability.

Lead organization:
International Institute for Environment and Development
Study sector:
Agriculture focus:
Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ
Study type:
Context or baseline assessment, Other
Study design & methods:
Qualitative collection and analysis methods
Study scope:
Environmental issues
Research Partner(s):
Tropical Resources Institute (VITRI) at the University of Helsinki
Name of lead contact:
Marisa Camilher Camargo