Start at the Search for a Study page and use the search bars at the top to search for a topic and/or a location.  For example, you could search for sugar (in the Search Bar) in Paraguay (in the Location Bar).  After clicking on the Search button, you will see a map displaying the location of the studies that fit your criteria. Use the color-coded map key to identify what stage the study is in (from planned in green to completed in red).

To further filter the results, click on any of the filters provided to the left of the map.  To see the details of any study, simply click on the marker.  At any point, you may click on the List option to the top right of the map to see a list of the resulting studies instead of the map view.  Click on Download CSV for a complete data set of studies.

To contribute your own work to the platform simply click the  Add study button on the top of the page.